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ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND  (£ STERLING)          AC/   16 10 70  10116782 MIAHJT-EURC 

 160032  AC /10123511 JTMIAH                             IBAN: GB96 RBOS 1610 7010 1167 82

IBAN: GB12RBOS16003210123511                        IBAN BIC: RBOS GB 2L



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1. for all  contact,registering,enquiries,payments[ include dates sent currency,euro,sterling only ] advertising  rates  property for sale £25.00  euro30,00  peryr or part, from time of insertion

accommodation: hotels,rooms,etc £10 per yr book for 5yrs =£50.00  euro 60,00 we  recommend  a dedicated  phone number for when you are fully booked or let.


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tel:0786 786 1518  uk